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  • What cities is Newdigs in?

    As of the Summer of 2011, Newdigs is exclusive to the Rochester, NY five county metro area.

    Technically speaking, landlords can list their apartments in any city in the world, but its going to take a little while until Newdigs catches on everywhere. You can help speed this up by telling everyone you know about how great Newdigs is.

  • How do I get Newdigs to come to my town?

    Just ask. If we’re feeling enough love from your town, we will bump you up the list. Since we’re still a small company, our efforts are focused on the Upstate New York market, but we’d love to help every renter. You can request Newdigs in your town by emailing beta@newdigs.com

  • Where do your listings come from?

    Newdigs listings are all populated on Newdigs by users. It seems like everyone these days is content with scraping listings from every dark corner of the internet and putting it on a map. The result is hundreds or thousands of crappy listings on a map, and that’s just not solving the real problems renters face.

  • Can I rate my landlord?

    Not yet. We’re working on designing a system which keeps landlords honest, but doesn’t just fill up with the rants of some of the more “disgruntled” renters. A simple rating system applied to all listings would get pretty spam-filled very quickly. We’ll let you know as soon as we get the best solution figured out... but rest assured, it’s in the works.

  • Do you map Craigslist listings?

    At this point, we’ve decided not to. There are plenty of websites out there that say they’re bringing you every apartment on the internet, but they simply scrape the same limited listings that you find on craigslist. Call us crazy, but those listings just don’t say very much about an apartment. Newdigs gives property owners the ability to upload unlimited photos and descriptions, while providing nearly 100 searchable amenities that can be attributed to a unit. Help us make Newdigs better by letting every landlord you know that they can post better listings on Newdigs for free.

  • Can I contribute to Newdigs blogs?

    Absolutely. We want to provide renters with as much information about area neighborhoods as possible, because, let’s face it, where you live is more than just the four walls you live in. Newdigs is working hard to find great writers and local sources of information that will help familiarize you with the communities where you’re looking for your new digs. If you would like to blog about renting, or just provide articles about the businesses and events in your neighborhood, email support@newdigs.com. Writing about your community can be great way to brand yourself as a writer, and get yourself known in your community.

  • Can I sublet my apartment or find a roommate on Newdigs?

    Yes! Currently the listing language on our site is geared more towards owners of rental property listing units for rent, but please feel free to create a listing for an apartment that you’re looking to sublet, or find a roommate for. As we roll out new features, we will have specific listing functionality just for roommates and sublet listings.... but for now, they basically work the same. Check out How to list. Tweet us @newdigs, or email us at support@newdigs.com, if you have any questions.

  • How do I report a listing that violates fair housing or is spam?

    When you are on the property or unit listing page, you will see a button that says, “flag listing”. When you click that button you have the ability to select the reason for flagging the listing, and a notes field to give us a piece of your mind. Please use the flagging system responsibly, and help us keep Newdigs listings fair and spam free.

  • Will the Newdigs crew help me find an apartment?

    Unfortunately we haven’t figured out a way to help renters on a 1-on-1 basis and still pay the bills. We are not a rental agency or a brokerage. Instead, we do everything in our power to bring you the most listings with the most photos and details possible on Newdigs.com so you can better help yourself. If you have questions about using the website, please email us at support@newdigs.com.

  • Can I search for specific features, like off-street parking, or pet friendly apartments?

    Absolutely! Under the basic search criteria, click on “More Options” on the home page, and you’ll see dozens of options to help you narrow down your search. You can also access these options once you’ve conducted a search by clicking on the Edit button at the top right corner of the Results panel.

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  • Why list with Newdigs?

    The easiest answer is that it's FREE for most users. Beyond that, Newdigs' complete online, mobile, and print coverage gives you total access to today's renter. When you use a Newdigs lawn sign, you further leverage your marketing efforts by attracting passers-by to check out your online listing on their computer or smart phone.

  • I own more than 25 units, how much does it cost me?

    Quite possibly, nothing. We don't charge based on your portfolio size; we charge based on the property size. Properties of 1-24 units are always free to list on Newdigs.com, so you could own 200 units in 100 duplexes, and each listing would be free. If you have a property of 25 or more units, you can easily market it on Newdigs.com and in the Rochester Rental Market Guide for $195/mo.

  • Why is the Rental Market Guide quarterly?

    Being conscious of our eco-footprint, we decided to only publish four guides per year, with larger apartment complexes included in a directory, and tons of useful rental market and neighborhood information. We hope to arm you with as much rental market info as possible in this guide, while also pointing you towards Newdigs.com for further neighborhood details, and plenty of rental listings on our unique, mapbased interface.

  • Why are there no private listings in the Guide?

    When we designed our print guide, we realized that three line classified ads are a thing of the past. How useful is an apartment listing with no photos? Timely, private listings for single family homes and smaller multifamily properties can be found at Newdigs.com.

  • How much are online listings?

    If you are listing a room, single family home, or multi-family building under 25 units, it's FREE to list on Newdigs.com. You can post as many details and photos as your heart desires. For properties of 25+ units, we have a print/web/mobile bundle which provides a seamless blended marketing campaign for only $195/mo for the entire property.

  • How does Newdigs compare to Craigslist?

    Like Craigslist, Newdigs allows people to post apartment listings free of charge. Unlike Craigslist, Newdigs was designed specifically to market and search rental property. All our listings appear on a map, so there's no need to repost. We are constantly adding new tools to automate property marketing and maintenance. We also save your listings in Newdigs forever, so there's no need to continue writing and rewriting new ads. Instead, simply list or unlist a unit with a click of a button in your property management dashboard. The Newdigs search experience is unbelievably simple, uncluttered, and unbeatable.

  • What do you mean, it's a "listing platform?"

    There are plenty of websites where you can post an apartment listing. What doesn't currently exist is a website where renters and property managers can come together, build credibility, coordinate rent payment, or secure leases online. It's 2011 and renters still have nowhere to go to search all apartments in a given city. We are building that central listing platform.

  • I'm a Realtor®. Can I use Newdigs?

    Absolutely! Before cofounding Newdigs, our CEO was an apartment agent. We want agents to use Newdigs to market their clients' listings, and help their clients find housing. Realtors®, be sure to get custom Newdigs sign riders to use with your existing lawn signs to point renters to your Newdigs.com listings, taking full advantage of everything we have to offer. Remember, listing any property under 25 units is free.

  • Is Newdigs a rental agency?

    Nope. Newdigs is an internet listing service focused on rental property. We are not a real estate brokerage, nor do we employ Realtors®. We do, however, like to help renters and property owners find Realtors® who match their needs, so call anytime if you're looking for a referral, as we are personally acquainted with some of the best Realtors® in town.

  • How can I hire a rental agent?

    If you own a rental property in the Rochester area, and would like a full-service listing, our CEO, a licensed Realtor ®, would be happy to meet with you in order to list your apartment for rent. The standard rate in Rochester is one month's rent upon filling the vacancy. Please send Ben Munson an email at ben@newdigs.com to make a listing appointment.

  • Do I need a Newdigs lawn sign to list?

    You are welcome to post a listing without a lawn sign. Using our lawn signs with an online Newdigs.com listing has been found to dramatically increase the amount and quality of renter leads. With a sign out front, passers-by can get all the listing details without having to call you with common questions. Those who do call will be people who are truly interested in your listing, after having viewed all the photos and details.

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