Renters Insurance

We've been there

We have spent more time on apartment listing websites than we'd ever care to admit. After a while, you notice certain themes that keep repeating themselves. Amid all the banner ads for free credit reports, Weight Watchers and online universities there's all kinds of renters insurance ads. Sometimes they even provide a "quote generator" which sends your contact information out to multiple agents who's calls and emails trickle in for weeks. Let's face it, that sucks.

That's why we did the hard work for you, and found a trusted local agent who's very actively engaged in the community right here in Rochester, NY. Newdigs is pleased to partner with Rochester City Council member, and local insurance agent Jackie Ortiz. For roughly the cost of two lattes a month, Jackie can hook you up with a policy that will protect everything in your rental home. In fact, if a fire broke out in your apartment only once every 300 years, it would still make financial sense to buy renters insurance.

Fill out a super short form here and Jackie will quickly respond to answer your questions or help you set up a renters insurance policy.