Find Your Newdigs

Why use Newdigs?

Our ambition is to create a place where you can search every locally available apartment, with photos. That's why we've made it free to list any small property of less than 25 units. Since we're encouraging landlords to include plenty of photos and details by making the listings free and unlimited, Newdigs listings are likely to have more details than you'll find on any other website. We hope that this will greatly reduce the amount of time and fuel you spend visiting apartments you aren't sure you'll even like.

Powerful Map-based Search

Our search experience is map-based because real estate is, after all, about location, location, location. Showing you a list of apartments scattered all over the metro just doesn't make any sense. On a map, you can see what your commute to school or work will look like, and what kind of neighborhood (walkable, or car-dependent) your new digs will be in. We've also added Walk Scores® to each listing to help anyone concerned about walkability make the decision that's best for them.

The Rental Market GuideTM

We've designed the Newdigs Rochester Rental Market Guide as a print companion to the website. The guide has neighborhood, town, and village descriptions for Rochester's many divergent areas, followed by an apartment directory which allows you to compare each of the area's large apartment buildings & communities. Private listings in smaller buildings can be found by searching As you flip through the apartment directory in the back of the Rochester rental market guide, you'll notice property ID numbers at the end of every row. These property ID numbers start with P (for property) or U (for unit), and take you directly to the web listing when entered into the Property ID search tool, or Newdigs app on your mobile device. You may also notice these Property Ids on our lawn signs, which we have been generously distributing around the Rochester metro.

The directory in the Newdigs Rochester Rental Market Guide is a great resource for anyone who wants to quickly and easily compare all of the larger buildings and apartment communities in an area. We've done all the legwork for you to bring you an accurate list of prices and ammenities for communities all around the Rochester metro. We are proud to present the Rochester Rental Market Guide as a resource that will make it easier for anyone in the community to locate and compare their housing options.

Detailed Neighborhood Pages

If you take a look at our blog you'll notice we're working on pages for each of Rochester's towns, villages, and neighborhoods. We created the neighborhood pages to help you learn about where you're choosing to relocate to, so that you can find a community that fits your style, whether thats a quiet rural town, or an urban village with a happenin' night life district. The neighborhood pages are works in progress that anyone can get involved with. Become a storyteller in your community, comment on blog articles that you read, and get ahold of us on facebook or twitter to let us know what kind of articles you'd like to see on the blog.