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It's free

We want every actively listed apartment represented on our site. To do that, we made listing on Newdigs free for every property of less than 25 units. We're even making it free for properties of 25+ units to list through the end of August!

To find out more about pricing for listing a property of 25 or more units, please email

Renters Love It!

As a property owner it's probably been a while since you searched for an apartment. Believe it or not, it's 2020 and there is still no central listing source for apartments like there is for homes for sale! By centralizing listings on a searchable Google map, we save renters tons of time in their apartment hunt. They also love the ability to narrow down their searches using the advanced search tool, which allows them to only see places with the amenities they truly desire. The result is better qualified renter leads for you.

Upload unlimited photos

Because we want the most detailed listings on the Internet we allow any listing to contain an unlimited number of photos. Walking a renter through your property when they aren't even interested wastes time for both of you. By providing data and photo rich listings, you eliminate unqualified renter leads, while allowing other prospective renters the ability to fall in love with your apartment site unseen.

Never re-create a listing again

Are you sick of having to post your listing every 48 hours to stay on top of some list? All of our listings show up on a Google map so you only have to re-post if you need to extend your listing past 30 days. Even then, you can re-post with just one click.

Know who you're renting to!

We have teamed up with TransUnion, one of the nation's most trusted providers of credit and background checks, to simplify your job of tenant screening. With the TransUnion SmartMove product you can choose to pay $25 for the credit and criminal background check, or pass the cost on to your prospective tenant. The great thing about SmartMove, is that your prospective tenant only incurs a "soft hit" on their credit score, while keeping their most personal information protected. They can also use the same SmartMove report for several landlords, which saves them money. Sign up for tenant screening or learn more.

Go Beyond Online! Use Newdigs Lawn Signs

On Newdigs, every listing gets its own individual listing number. These listing numbers can be used when advertising your apartment in print, or on a lawn sign. We've designed high visibility 'For Rent' lawn signs to drive passers by to your online listings. These signs are far more effective than traditional 'For Rent' signs because they don't have a phone number on them, and thus force renters to view your complete listing online or on their mobile device before they call you. The result is less calls about pet policies, parking availability and laundry concerns, and more qualified renter leads.

Mobile Listing Look-up on iPhone & Android

Apartment hunters are always on the go, and never far from their phones. With our iPhone & Android listing lookup application, renters can pull up your complete listing using only the listing number on your lawn sign, or printed flier. If they want to schedule a walk through they can simply click to call.

Support Local Business

Support a Rochester, NY start-up. There are a lot of exciting things happening in Rochester and we really want to work with the entire community to bring innovation to Rochester, NY.

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