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Free Landlord Forms from The Rochester Housing Council

September 24, 2010 by in Free Resources, Landlord Tips, Legal Forms
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The majority of the apartments in America are owned by individuals who manage less than 5 units.  Many of these people don’t identify themselves as landlords, and generally don’t have office staff, standard procedures or documentation.  As part of our commitment to continually improve the professionalism of renters and landlords, we are always on the look-out for helpful tools and tips.  One of the most important parts of owning and managing property is using and recording proper documentation.  That’s why we’re happy to introduce Rochester, NY’s rental property owners to the Housing Council and their library of professional templates.

Rocehster housing council The Housing Council in the Monroe County Area, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation founded in 1971 to advocate for the development of housing opportunities for low and moderate-income persons residing in Monroe County, NY.  Since its founding, The Housing Council has expanded its services to provide comprehensive housing counseling focusing on home ownership, mortgage default resolution, tenant and landlord issues, mobility counseling and fair housing education and outreach.

Their site provides links to a number of professional document templates for property owners and managers to use.  They offer Operating Rental Property, Landlord’s Guide to Eviction, Eviction forms and a Judgement form for a modest fee.  But be sure to check out all the free forms they provide as well.  Click on any of the forms to go to the Housing Council’s download page, or you can purchase Housing Council publications by calling 585-546-3700.

  • Renovate Right pdf (English) (1.66 Mb)
  • Renovate Right pdf (Spanish) (1.49 Mb)
  • Lead Booklet (English) (1.04 Mb)
  • Lead Booklet (Spanish) (695.79 Kb)
  • Lead Disclosure Form (English) (167.87 Kb)
  • Lead Disclosure Form (Spanish) (168.36 Kb)
  • Lease (Sample) (81.93 Kb)
  • Notice of Lease Default (28.45 Kb)
  • Notice of Lease/Tenancy Termination (28.08 Kb)
  • Notice of Non-Renewal (22.79 Kb)
  • Notice of Rent Increase (25.84 Kb)
  • Notice to Entering Dwelling Unit (38.51 Kb)
  • Rent Demand (3 days notice) (40.46 Kb)
  • Rent Demand (3 days notice) Interactive Form (99.44 Kb)
  • Rental Application (31.48 Kb)
  • Security Deposit (185.63 Kb)
  • Unit Inspection Form (23.55 Kb)
  • Notice of Non-Renewal Interactive Form (103.00 Kb)
  • Know of any other great resources like this?  Be sure to let us, and your fellow rental property managers know!