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George Eastman House

East Avenue Neighborhood Rental Market Overview

June 3, 2011 by in East Avenue, Featured, Rental Market Info
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Tudor Mansion on East AvenueWhether your a native of the greater Rochester area or you’re moving here from out of state, it doesn’t take long before you start flirting with the idea of renting in the East Avenue Neighborhood.  Not only is East Ave a cultural hub of the city, but it’s also where Rochester’s earliest businessmen chose to locate their palatial homes.  Eastman Kodak founder, George Eastman‘s mansion is one of the most spectacular and has been preserved as a present day museum.  True to Eastman’s passion for photography and film, the Eastman House features film and animation exhibits, and houses the Dryden Theatre where rare movie titles are often screened for the public.  As you stroll down East, mansions modeled after Bavarian chateaus and Tudor castles dot the tree lined avenue.  While some of these gems remain single family estates, many have been converted into apartments and condos. In years past many fell prey to the wrecking ball, but their land has since been redeveloped with higher density towers and apartment buildings.

Eastman HouseThe apartment inventory in this part of the city has some of the most breathtaking units in the city.  Renowned architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and J. Foster Warner, who designed the Eastman House, spared no expense appointing rooms with hand carved fireplace mantels and inlaid hardwood floors.  (J. Foster Warner’s own home was recently listed on Newdigs, but has since been leased.) These details, that were once reserved for the area’s elite, now find themselves in very reasonably priced apartments packed with charm and historic details.  Some larger ‘owners units’ may be 2 or 3 bedrooms, and rent for $1500-$3000 per month, but there are plenty of units to be found for $700-$1200 per month.  If you prefer ‘professionally managed’ properties over architectural details in private homes, you may want to check out some of the apartment buildings like 1600 East Ave managed by Tri-City Rentals, or Regency House managed by The Cabot Group.

1600 East Avenue, Rochester NYLife on East Ave is incredibly convenient. To the north of the East Ave neighborhood, is Neighborhood of the Arts. The neighborhoods blend together seamlessly from the grandeur of the mostly residential East Ave neighborhood, into the artsy hot spots along Art Walk, like the Memorial Art Gallery, Village Gate, and Starry Nights Cafe in the adjacent Neighborhood of the Arts. At the eastern most edge of the East Avenue neighborhood lies the ultimate convenience: the City of Rochester’s only Wegmans. Across from Wegmans lies another rare convenience, a 24-hour gym, World Wide Gym. The East Ave neighborhood is directly adjacent to the shop & restaurant-dense Park Avenue neighborhood, as well as the “East End,” which is known for being the city’s main nightlife hub and overlaps the Western end of East Ave neighborhood, and an Eastern slice of downtown Rochester.  On several occasions during the summer, the club district holds the East End Fest where thousands of revelers come out to drink and enjoy live music.  Local favorites like The Old Toad, The Blue Room, Mex, Monty’s Corner and Murphy’s Law are all located within a block of East Avenue and Alexander Street.

East Avenue Rochester Greek FestIf nightclubs aren’t your thing, you can always drop by the Rochester Museum and Science Center at 657 East Ave or the adjacent Strasenburgh Planetarium. The planetarium also features a 12.5-inch diameter reflecting telescope, which is available for free public viewing on Saturday evenings, when weather permits.

During the cold winter month’s you’ll love the proximity (and short drives) to all the action downtown. In the Summer, East Ave turns into one of the more popular running/biking corridors, with VIP-like front-lawn access to festivals.

I’m just a twenty-something girl living in Rochester

October 14, 2010 by in Park Avenue
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Hello, and welcome to my first New Digs blog post. My name is Katie, and I am a twenty-something young professional living and working in the city of Rochester. I agreed to blog for newdigs because I wanted to share some of the experiences I have had while living in Rochester.

For my first blog post, I thought I would share some of the main reasons that I like living here. I am a fan of making lists, so I have decided to keep with that theme. I hope you enjoy!

Reasons I Like Enjoy Living in Rochester (in no particular order):

1. Affordability – I have been a renter in the Park Ave neighborhood for almost three years. I have lived in three different apartments that have all been reasonably priced. For a young professional who pays all of her bills (on time, I might add), this is very important for me. You really do get a lot of “bang for your buck” living in the city.

2. Save money on gas – My apartment is not only close to where I work, but it’s also close to just about everything else. I rarely have to use my car. In addition, I am lucky enough to have many of my closest friends living within a half mile radius. I never have to drive and see them. Whenever I go to fill up my gas tank, I can never remember the last time I filled up. A full tank of gas can usually last me about three weeks. Not only am I helping the environment, but I’m saving money, too!

3. Jines – Jines is a restaurant around the corner for me. Their breakfast/brunch menu is amazing! Just this past weekend I was able to sit outside, soak up the sun, and enjoy a delicious breakfast while the neighborhood slowly awoke. It was bliss.

4. Park Ave Festival - There are many wonderful festivals that Rochester has to offer in the summer time, but the Park Ave Festival is one of my favorites. The city closes a large portion of Park Avenue to allow for arts and food vendors to line up their tents for an entire weekend in August. The festival brings hundreds of people (even on rainy or really hot days) to the area. Residents of the Park Ave neighborhood liven up the weekend by hosting their own parties and bbq’s.

5. Rochester history – Ok, so I’m sort of a history nerd and I happen to be fascinated by Rochester history. Many of Rochester’s attractions, organizations, and companies that exist today can be linked to the city’s history. It’s hard to drive down any of the city streets and not notice Rochester’s history. Take for instance, George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film. This museum is located on East Avenue in the mansion once occupied George Eastman, Eastman Kodak’s founder. This museum, in addition to housing thousands of photographs, motion pictures, rare photographic books and camera-related technology, tells the story of George Eastman and the legacy he left in Rochester (and the world). There are many other organizations and locally-owned businesses with their own Rochester history. All of their stories are fascinating…if you take the time to learn them.

In attempt to keep this blog post, “short and sweet,” I will cut myself off there. There are plenty of other reasons why I enjoy living in Rochester and I look forward to the opportunity to share them with you.

Until next time, be cool.