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Reason to Love Rochester #1: The Garbage Plate

October 5, 2010 by in Mayor's Heights, Pearl-Meigs-Monroe, Restaurants, Susan B. Anthony
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When moving to Rochester, NY, it is essential that you learn to speak the local dialect: Rochesaaayyyrian.  Aside from learning to reroute all of your vowels through your nasal passage, you will also need to learn several quintessential phrases such as “lake effect,” “white hot,” and the subject of this article: “garbage plate.”

Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate

Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate

The Garbage Plate is a true Rochester, NY delicacy.  You won’t get far in this town without a local asking whether you’ve tried one yet.  Beware of answering that you have not!  The Rochester local will lock eyes with you and insist that you ABSOLUTELY MUST TRY ONE.  Your replies that anything called a “Garbage Plate” could not be meant for human consumption, and that it really does not sound all that appealing will only be met with an even greater level of insistence that you are dead wrong.  Eventually, it is likely that you will succumb to these outcries, and once you do, you will be forever changed, newly converted to the garbage plate cause.

To become properly initiated to the world of “Garbage Plates,” you will first need to know that Nick Tahou’s restaurant, who invented this delicious mess, has a trademark on the name “Garbage Plate.”  For that reason, the term is often shortened to simply “plate.”  You can get a “plate” at, dare I say, most restaurants in Rochester.  Depending on the establishment, it may be called a “rubbish plate,” a “trash plate,” a “Bum’s plate,” or any number of other similar terms – so use your powers of acumen to find one of these on your chosen establishment’s menu.

The second thing you’ll need to know is that stating that you’d like to order a plate is just the beginning of the ordering process.  You’ll next be faced with a barrage of decisions which you should prepare for, lest you face the eye rolls of everyone standing in line behind you as they realize that you are a garbage plate virgin.  There is some variation in the options, depending on the restaurant, but seeing as this is your plate initiation, you really only need to know the most traditional options anyways.

Think of the garbage plate as a delicious pile of food that will be built from the base up.  At the base of this pile, you will need to choose no more or less than two of these options: home fries (sometimes french fries), macaroni salad, or baked beans.  I’m just going out on a limb here, but does anyone really choose baked beans over the heavenly combination of mac salad and home fries?  I doubt it.

Next you will be asked to choose between “hots” and burgers.  A “hot” is a hot dog.  Rochester happens to be obsessed with making the perfect hot dog, but you’re not going to go wrong choosing cheeseburgers either.  The least decisive of you can get one of each, because there are always two pieces of meat on top of your plate.  This is where some restaurants decide to get quirky, offering italian sausage, fish fry, or even eggs, but for your first plate ever, do yourself a favor and stick to hots or burgers.  Did you choose “hots?”  You have another decision to make: red hot or white hot.  Bam! You’ve just been initiated into another segment of Rochester culture: the white hot.  I don’t want to get too off course here, but if “white hot” still sounds like gibberish to you, that’s what you should choose.  Trust me.

You’re almost done!  Your delicious food pile has one more layer to choose: toppings.  The “hot sauce” that traditionally tops a garbage plate is not your standard tabasco.  Its a greasy spicy concoction loaded with ground beef.  One of the lesser known hot sauce ingredients is cinnamon.  Say yes to the hot sauce.  You’ll also be asked if you want mustard and onions on your plate.  Don’t worry about choosing between these toppings – you’re not going to go wrong saying “yes” to everything.  But just keep in mind that these toppings are optional, in the event that you absolutely hate onions, or have some similarly blasphemous problem.

Now you wait – it won’t be long until your plate arrives.  If you’re lucky, they’ll serve up your plate with your very own bottles of ketchup and Frank’s red hot, and a slice of soft italian bread.  Generously apply ketchup to the entirety of your plate, and don’t be skimpy on the Frank’s red hot either.  It may cross your mind that the last thing you need is another carb after you eat your home fries and mac salad, but when you get down to the greasy dredges underneath, you’ll realize the bread is there to soak up every last drop.

Are you ready for your first plate?  If its authenticity you seek, don’t forget to print this handy coupon before heading to the original Nick Tahou Hots, which is housed in an 1881 railway terminal at the edge of the Mayor’s Heights and Susan B. Anthony neighborhoods.  For the vegetarians amongst you, you’ll be delighted to know that Dogtown Hots in the Pearl-Meigs-Monroe neighborhood serves up an incredibly tasty vegetarian plate!  You can also check out the ever-growing list of restaurants that serve “plates” on RocWiki to find someplace close to your new digs.

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