Say hello to the new

October 23, 2013 by in Nerdspeak, Newdigs, Technology
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We’re pretty excited here at Newdigs.  We’ve got lots of things cookin’, with some further announcements forthcoming.  That said, the most immediate topic is our new look and feel!  We hope you like it, but please be warned, there’s still some dust in the corners to clean up.  We’ve got some database work to do and, although we’ll be working as fast as possible, you might bump into bugs.  If you do, feel free to contact us at our /support page.

Thanks, and keep checking back for more updates!

Momentum is building quietly

October 9, 2013 by in Newdigs
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We’ve got some major announcements coming up soon, as well as some major changes to the site.  While many of the changes will be simply cosmetic, we’ve been moving the underpinnings of the site to a new platform for quiet some time now.  On top of that, we’ll also be adding a new market shortly.  Keep checking back for more information!