Spot Coffee will Reopen in May! Hooray!

April 28, 2011 by in Center City, Events, Restaurants
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Spot Coffee Rochester

Guess what!  According to the Democrat and Chronicle, Spot Coffee, one of Rochester’s favorite wi-fi hotspots, will reopen sometime around the 3rd week in May!

For anyone who is a newcomer to the area since Spot closed in mid October 2010, you should start looking forward to your first Spot Coffee experience!  The first thing you’ll notice as you approach Spot, is that its in a retro Chevrolet dealership, from the days when automobiles weren’t all sold on huge lots of paved farmland in the suburbs.  Now, here’s where my description becomes an approximation, because as much as I can tell you about what it was like inside Spot Coffee before the renovation (it was pretty awesome), I am just as in the dark as the rest of you about what will be unveiled after the renovation!  I am guessing that Spot Coffee hasn’t strayed too far from their previous concept of a two story floor plan with various areas to choose from that will all have a different sort of vibe, however a comment left on RocWiki, by user ChrisLaRosa leads me to believe that the once massive space has been segmented into two smaller spaces: “As part of the renovation, a wall has been built down the center which divides the former space into two halves.  As of 11/27/10, the half on the right (facing the building) has a sign on the outside which says available.”

Pre-renovation you had your choice of window-side tables, a popular location for the students who choose Spot as their study location.  There was also a curtained off “fireplace” area with comfy furniture, great for group gatherings, another window-side section with bar-type seating, and a balcony on the second floor, where one could sip coffee as they peered down below at the hustle and bustle.  The coffee bar was located in the center of the floorplan, organized with ordering on one side of the center island, and pick-up on the other, creating a nice flow that allowed for plenty of space for the often long lines that come with Spot’s busier days.  The original decor was a funky blend of colors and textures, with antique sofas, modern bistro tables, mirrored tiles around the fireplace, and long velvet curtains creating room like areas.  Although Spot never lost its groovy charm, over the years the  fabric curtains and the antique sofa had become grungier with time and use, making the renovations a welcome catharsis for the space.

According to a quote in the Democrat and Chronicle, Richard Gress, president of Spot’s U.S. operations, says that “the millwork is done, the coffee bar is in place, and they’re doing the flooring now, which is the last piece.”  So, it sounds like we should be expecting a total overhaul of the venue, though Gress has stated that the homey feel and wi-fi that Spot was well known for, will remain as features at Spot.

If this is going to be your first visit to Spot, be prepared that your coffee won’t be the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. So, that’s why you’re not even going to order the coffee.  No, instead, try Spot’s excellent take on the grilled cheese sandwich, with colby and cheddar cheeses, tomatoes, and creamy dijonnaise sandwiched between grilled focaccia.  Pair your sandwich with a refreshing jet tea, a blended iced tea drink with your choice of strawberry, wildberry, strawberry-banana, mango or peach.  Now, I know what you’re thinking: “A coffee shop where the coffee’s no good, and this girl’s still telling me to check it out?”  Yes, this girl, while not being able to bring herself to say that Spot Coffee’s primary focus is the flavor of their coffee, cannot deny that Spot Coffee has always been such an interesting venue that it’s worthy of your patronage despite not being able to make a decent cup of joe.  So, menu choices in mind, brace yourself to make a visit to the newly renovated Spot Coffee when it is finally revealed at the end of May.