September 9 – Day of Deals in the South Wedge

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South Wedge-ucation

Get smart at City Newspaper’s South Wedge-ucation event!  Thursday, September 9, 5-9 p.m.  Throughout the South Wedge business district.  Check out this map of deals.

Like City’s Recession Procession and Pittsford Village Pillage, South Wedge merchants will offer up ridiculous offers on food, goods, and services. Here’s a list of this year’s deals:

  • Three pork sliders for $5 at Beale Street Cafe!
  • $1.25 baked empanadas and FREE dance demos 5-9 p.m. at Tango Cafe and Dance Studio! Live comedy show starting at 9 p.m. for $1!
  • $1.50 pints and $6 pitchers of domestic beers, six wings for $3, and live DJ at The Keg Sports Bar! (NOTE: offer valid 5-11 p.m.)
  • Buy-one-get-one-half-off piercings (includes jewelry), AND $half-off $60 tattoos at Flesh for Fantasy Tattoo!
  • 50 percent off all yellow-tagged items, 15 percent off the entire stores for students with valid ID, at ABVI/Goodwill!
  • 75 cent mini desserts from Cheesy Eddie’s! (NOTE: Limit six per customer)
  • $1.50 pints of Genny Cream Ale, plus FREE live music at Caverly’s Irish Pub!
  • $2 nachos from Taco Kitchen!
  • $3 glasses of wine from Solera! (NOTE: offer valid 7-9 p.m. only)
  • $2 wood-fired 6″ cheese pizzas ($2.50 with caramelized onions and goat cheese) at Napa Woodfired Pizza!
  • $8 haircuts from Glover’s Barber Shop!
  • Spin the Wheel of Java Deals at Coffee Connection — every spin is a caffeinated win!
  • A Sweet Surprise: a box of goodies for $1.50 from Premier Pastry! (NOTE: offer valid 5-8 p.m. only)
  • Buy-one-get-one-free select haircare products at Personal FX Salon
  • 40 percent off any soy candles in stock at Historic Houseparts! (NOTE: offer valid 3-6 p.m only)
  • 50 cent frosting shots from Eco Bella Bakery!
  • “Goodie Treasure Trunk” with all items $10 or less at Slim Goodie Boutique!
  • $1 PBRs and $2 “Atomic Wedgie” shots at Lux Lounge (21 and over only)!
  • $2.50 pints of McBane’s Summer Solstice at Tap & Mallet!
  • $10 T-shirts from Thread!
  • Half-off half-and-half cookies from Open Face!
  • 25 cent chocolate Medallions from Hedonist Artisan Chocolates!
  • 50 percent off anything in the store (if paying with cash) or buy-one-get-one-half-off (if using credit cards) at Headz Up Hats!
  • $1 cheese slices and $1.50 pepperoni slices at Little Venice Pizza!
  • $1.25 empanadas and $1.50 beers at John’s Tex Mex!
  • FREE bottle of Boylans soda (while supplies last; one per customer), plus $1 off any NY State-brewed six pack at Nathaniel Square Corner Store!
  • $10 professional tambourines (available in a multitude of colors) at Echo-Tone Music!
  • $50 off $100-or-more tattoos, or 50 percent off any piercing, at Mellow Madness Tattoo!
  • $1.50 pommes frites (with topping), buy-one-get-one-free meatballs, and -$3.75 extra-large chili cheese dogs from Mise en place

And many more offers to come!

The South Wedge-ucation event is FREE and open to everyone! Area college students are especially encouraged to come down, as they will get additional perks (w/valid ID).

For more information on the South Wedge-ucation event call Lee at 244-3329 x.21, or e-mail

New York’s Bed Bug Disclosure Act

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By Flickr user louento.pix

New York renters, Governor Patterson has granted you a new right: the right to know whether an apartment has had any history of bed bugs within the last year.  Senator José Peralta the bill’s sponsor, said that “tenants have the right to know whether the apartment or house they are renting was previously occupied by bed bugs.” The bill, which had passed through the state Senate and the state Assembly in June 2010, has been officially signed into effect.

Its a pretty simple law:

Landlords, you now have the legal obligation to disclose a one year history of your property’s bed bug status to potential tenants, before they sign the lease.

Renters, you are now legally entitled to know a one year history of bed bug issues at a property.  Make sure you ask about bed bugs when you are looking at an apartment!  Even though potential landlords are required by law to tell you, they may still be reluctant to share this information.  Eradicating bed bugs is difficult and expensive, costing not only the landlord, who is charged with hiring an exterminator, but the renter as well, who often must abandon hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of clothes and furniture.

The newly signed law mandating disclosure might not be the end of bedbug legislation. Rosenthal has also introduced a bill in the Assembly that would create a state tax credit for bedbug sufferers who have had to replace furniture, bedding and other items because of bedbug damage.

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New Digs in the South Wedge

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South and Hickory Place

An initial wave of fear swept over me the first time I heard that the piece of land between the Ables Building and the Poole Building on South Avenue was going to be developed. You see, in Rochester’s South Wedge, almost every building is saturated with an adorable, turn-of-the-century charm. That is, except for those buildings built in the latter half of the 20th century. Would this most quintessential parcel in the heart of the South Wedge’s business district fall victim to the same uninspired “modern” architecture that seemed almost inevitable? I was worried. But as the announcement continued, I heard one reassuring attribute after another. “Mixed use (residential & commercial), a mansored roof, increased parking, and a design that would add depth to the historic South Avenue streetscape, rather than interrupt it.” I crossed my fingers that Konar Properties, the developer, could pull it off.

Now, two years after that original announcement, South and Hickory Place has opened its doors to reveal a beautiful finished product that delivers on all of its builder’s promises. Nested amongst the South Wedge’s most popular businesses, South and Hickory place offers new commercial spaces that have the neighborhood abuzz over what businesses might materialize there. The 40,000 sq ft. building also provides thirty-three much needed new living spaces to the increasingly popular South Wedge Neighborhood. A well-lit parking lot keeps residents’ four-wheeled friends off the streets, which is especially convenient in a neighborhood whose existing on-street parking is already in high demand.

Once past the pin-code secured entry, residents step into the cheerful yellow lobby, where they take a short jaunt down some steps and past the mail boxes before arriving at their choice of stairs, or a shiny new elevator. Sleek charcoal colored hallways lead way to studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom apartments on the second, third, and fourth floors. Some of the units have Northern facing windows which offer beautiful skyline views of Rochester’s very nearby center city. Other apartments offer picturesque views of the bustling South Wedge neighborhood below and the spires of Colgate Divinity in the distance. In several of the units, french doors open onto small balconies to overlook South Avenue. Gleaming hardwood floors lead the way past wide open, well equipped kitchens and into notably spacious bathrooms. South and Hickory Place offers its residents laundry facilities on every floor, as well as an indoor garbage disposal area which is kept remarkably clean. Two thirds of the apartments rent at market rate, ranging from approximately $645 for a studio to $1075 for a deluxe 2 bedroom with 2 full baths.  The other third is what is known as “affordable housing,” meaning that there is a minimum and maximum income threshold, and management accepts certain forms government assistance.

The story of how South and Hickory Place came to exist is, in and of itself, a point of interest. Normally, a developer scouts out a site, designs their space to code, and builds. If a neighborhood is very lucky, sometimes a builder will incorporate a suggestion or two from the community. In the case of South and Hickory Place, however, it was the South Wedge Planning Committee who approached Konar Properties about the hole in the South Ave street-scape, making it no wonder that the building seems to taylor fit the neighborhood. Design charettes hosted by Konar allowed neighborhood input on everything from the lighting fixtures to the building materials of the exterior walls. South and Hickory Place now shines as a beacon for other communities, reminding them to get involved in new building projects, to use the space intelligently and efficiently, and to demand of their builders the highest level of architectural authenticity.

Many of the apartments were snatched up quickly following the Grand Opening on June 1, however some units at South and Hickory Place are still available. Click Here to see the full listing details for South and Hickory Place, or enter the listing number,P1105, into the listing number field on the Newdigs Homepage, or into the Newdigs iPhone listing look-up.

South Wedge Neighborhood Guide

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The South Wedge is one of Rochester’s hippest neighborhoods.  Packed to the brim with compost-enthusiasts, tattooed hipsters, sweet little old ladies who’ve lived there their whole lives, and culture galore, the South Wedge is a highly symbiotic blend of environmentalists, artists, and community-involved residents.

Connect with South Wedge Neighbors – Rochester’s South Wedge Neighborhood Social Network

Drink & Dine in the South Wedge
Beale Street Cafe
Boulder Coffee Co.
Caverly’s Irish Pub
Cheesy Eddie’s
Coffee Connection
Equal Grounds
Flavors of Asia
Hedonist Artisan Chocolate
John’s Tex-Mex Eatery
Julienne Catering
The Keg Sports Bar
Lin’s Garden
Little Venice Pizza
Lux Lounge

Mise en Place Market
Open Face Sandwich Eatery
Pat’s Coffee Mug
Premier Pastry
Savory Thyme
South Wedge Colony Bar
South Wedge Diner
Tap and Mallet

Stores and Boutiques
Botanica Obatala Shango
Historic Houseparts


Festivals, Parks, and Outdoor Activities

South Wedge Artists & Musicians
Clarke Conde Photography
Vicki Hartman Clay
Made by Rachel


Places of Worship

Other Resources

Enter the Neighborhood Description Contest

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What’s your neighborhood like? We’re dying to know! We’re determined to turn this blog from its current humble beginnings into Rochester’s one-stop shop for all rental market information. Heck, we wouldn’t mind becoming a one-stop shop for rental information in every city. With our aspirations set so high, here at the Newdigs blog headquarters, we’re finding ourselves with an awful lot on our plates. That’s why we’re reaching out to you, the Rochester community, to help define our amazing towns and neighborhoods. Tell us what there is to love about the South Wedge, the Maplewood Neighborhood, Swillburg, Corn Hill, Fairport, Webster, and the list goes on and on and on. When we’ve got at least 2-3 descriptions of any given neighborhood, we’ll put the descriptions up to a vote, and let you readers decide which description of your neighborhood most aptly describes the place you love.

So, get your pens ready… set… and tell us in approximately 200-500 words what kind of place your hood is. Is there a hoppin’ nightlife scene, or does sleepy-time come early in your town? Are there lots of familiar chain restaurants, or are you more likely to find more ethnic or more family-owned options? Are there any parks or museums, or other outdoor or cultural activities? And of course, what’s it look like? Is yours a neighborhood with older properties that have been converted to apartments, or was pretty much everything around you built within the last 20 years?  (Just in case you’re wondering what 200-500 words looks like, this blog post is about 300 words.)

We’re so excited to see what you come up with, Rochestarians! You’re helping us create an amazing resource for folks who are looking to move to Rochester, but don’t know which town would best suit them, and we’re sure that they’ll be almost as grateful to you as we are!