What's Newdigs?

We're redesigning apartment search from scratch

Three years before the launch of Newdigs.com, we began approaching Realtors®, brokers, renters, small landlords, national apartment owning corporations and non-profit housing organizations to research the problems with today's rental market. As it turns out, it's a disaster. There is no easy way to search all apartments in any American city, renters and landlords both are often left to guess as to the credibility of one another, little data exists on rental pricing and renters waste countless trips in the car to locate a decent apartment. We decided the best place to start was with the search platform.

Simplifying apartment search

At Newdigs we believe that finding a home to rent should be as easy as finding a home for sale. Unfortunately, no central listing database exists for apartments. This leaves renters scrolling through lists of repetitive posts on Craigslist or driving through neighborhoods looking for lawn signs. That's why we've created a free listing platform, built around a Google Map user interface, that places no limit on the number of photos or listing details. It free to list and free to search.

Saving property owners and managers time and money

Newdigs.com was founded by real estate investors who saw a rental market filled with inefficiencies and lacking detailed market data. We realized that the majority of the phone calls and apartment showings received when renting a unit are fruitless. Why do we get so many calls asking if we accept pets, have off street parking, or have laundry on site? Turns out, it's because renters often have no way of knowing without taking management's time to find out. If only there were a place where renters could see detailed listings of all available rentals in the area, the only calls you would get would be from very interested and informed renters. Now imagine saving yourself all that time by posting a free listing on Newdigs. Now that's easy!

Never fill out another property listing

We don't know about you, but we sure got tired of finding our property photos to upload and writing new listings every time we had an apartment turn over. That's why we integrated property management functionality with our map-based search environment. When you add a listing to Newdigs, you're really filling out your rental property portfolio which doesn't get deleted when the listing expires. Next time you rent that unit it only takes one click to list the property for another 30 days. That's why we encourage you to fill out your Newdigs listing with all the photos and details you can muster... because it gets you more qualified renter leads, and you'll only have to do it once. Of course, you can add to and edit your listings whenever you need to update details.

The future of apartment search

The Newdigs team is working tirelessly to help redefine how you look at rental property search and management. That's why we need your help desiging the features and functionality that will make Newdigs the must-use apartment listing website. We want to see fully integrated rent collection, tenant screening, live rental pricing reports, and more accountability between renters and managers. What do you think Newdigs should do to enhance the future of rental property search and management?